Can Digital Marketing Really Help Grow My Business?

This is a valid and necessary question that needs an authentic answer.

Growth and ROI are the goals of every business, however the traditional forms of advertising, like newspaper or magazine ads, are expensive and most often out of the budget of small businesses. Not only this – print advertising is, dare we say, outdated. Yikes!

Marketing has evolved to capture the biggest audience in the world … the online audience! And this is where digital marketing, or marketing on the internet, comes into play, and we can answer this gnawing question: can it really help grow my business?

The answer is an emphatic YES and come with us as we explain how.

Website is key

Your website is the backbone of your business, so invest in a good one as it supports all your other digital marketing efforts. Use your website to showcase your brand and its values, as well as letting people know about the products and services you offer. Remember, an online presence opens the door to the massive online audience who want your products.

The magic of SEO

Once you have a website up and running it is possible to tap into Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, it is understanding and implementing good content that makes you pop up on page 1 of someone’s search on Google. SEO raises your ranking, which raises your visibility, which ultimately drives traffic to your website where the deals happen.

Make fans on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to increase sales, and this needs to be said over and over. Your current and potential customers are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and that is where you need to engage with them. You can post interesting content, ask for an opinion or feedback on a new product or run a competition. The aim is to convert consumers into raving fans who feel valued. It’s a two-way conversation that builds trust, which drives revenue.

The unceasing success of Email Marketing

Email marketing has the ability to put you where it matters most – your customers’ inbox. Everybody is on the internet and everybody checks their emails numerous times per day and that’s where they are going to find YOU. Oh yes, this marketing tool puts you at the right place at the right time with the right people. Your subscribers are just waiting to hear from you, so don’t disappoint. Share new products or specials and see your sales go up.

Online Advertising

Digital marketing opens up to you the whole world of online advertising which, by the way, is cost-effective and highly targeted. From Facebook and LinkedIn ads, to Google PPC and display ads, the options are wide. All options hold potential to expand your reach, find new customers, and diversify your revenue streams.

It is clear to see that it is not a myth that digital marketing can grow your business. It is an essential part of business today and to neglect it could quickly leave you eating the dust of your competitors. It has proved itself as a strategy that builds trust, engages and converts customers and drives up revenue.

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