Lead Generation

Get customers.

What is Lead Generation

You may have heard “lead generation” thrown around at networking events and marketing meetings. But what does it actually mean? What’s all the fuss about?

Basically, a lead is a person who has already shown interest in your product or service. Pretty simple, right? So lead generation is all about creating these leads - or, in other words, potential customers.

How have these potential customers shown interest? Through a contact form, or maybe they filled out a survey on your website. We then harvest their details and hand them to you.

“Well,” you might be thinking, “I could just cold-call”. You could, but as a brand, the last thing you want to be known for is being pushy and intrusive.

When a lead shows organic interest in your product or service, the transition from stranger to customer is much smoother. Barrk Marketing will find those who are interested in your product or service, show them your business, and give you their willingly supplied contact information. Lead generation is also a key component of creating and optimising your sales funnel.

Getting you customers is the name of the game.

Our Offering to You: Generate Leads

Our Process

Lead generation process

So, how do we make this magic?

  • A visitor discovers your business through one of your marketing channels (Google advertising, PPC, blog, email marketing, or social media marketing)
  • They are enticed to click on your call to action due to a selected lead bait.
  • This takes them to a landing page, which is carefully designed to harvest lead information (their email address or a contact number).
  • Bam! You now have a lead your business can reach out to. Pretty cool, hey?

From there, the ball is in your court to reach out to this hot lead and seal the deal. Alternatively, we can also enroll this lead in an additional marketing communications strategy. This moves the lead further down your sales funnel and warms them up even further.

“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.”  - Brian Tracy


Figuring out how to get more customers is stressful - let us take that weight off your shoulders. If you’re eager to start your first Lead Generation campaign, let’s meet for a coffee.

Benefits of Lead Generation

Generate brand awareness

We want people to keep your brand top-of-mind. Lead Generation informs those in your defined market about your product or service.

Save on costs

Lead Generation is a cost-effective strategy which produces more results. Get more bang for your buck by reaching the massive pool of people online.

Collect customer data

Lead generation allows you to collect invaluable information about the needs of your target audience, which helps you tailor your product or service.

Gain a positive ROI

When it comes to PPC, you pay once someone clicks on your ad, hence a greater chance of squaring your ROI by reducing CPL.

Increase sales

Over 55% of B2B marketers spend more than half their marketing budget on lead generation. Businesses that use lead generation are more likely to make more sales and increase profits by turning leads into full-fledged customers.

Reach the RIGHT people

With lead generation, you’ll be pitching your services to someone who has already given you permission to do so, instead of spamming the wrong people. Leads WANT to hear from you. It's a win-win for both business and consumer