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What is Content Marketing

Imagine if your audience looked forward to receiving your marketing? What if they loved it and shared it with their friends? This is the result of good content and is the kind of marketing GOLD we chase after at Barrk Marketing.

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that creates and distributes interesting, valuable and relevant content to your target market. The purpose is to attract and keep your customers engaged with your brand and, ultimately, get more moolah!

It is important to remember that content marketing is not about you and your brand or products or even services. It’s about your customers and what they are interested in and care about. It offers such engaging information that your audience can’t help but become loyal customers.

At Barrk Marketing, we believe that content is KING. This is the pillar all other marketing activities, including social media and email marketing, are derived from. We help you make sure this pillar is solid with entertaining, useful and shareable content.

We want to connect with your audience emotionally and personally. We want to raise your brand from a commodity to something people celebrate. We want to earn your customer’s loyalty, trust and affection.

Our Offering: Create Value

With Us You Get

  • Expert writers and videographers across industries
  • Researched content
  • Press sends and publications in magazines
  • 100% unique, clever content
  • A variety of content options, such as videos, educational articles, blogs, e-books, website copy etc.


Testimonials from our clients and partners. Read more here.

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Loucile Botma

Head of Marketing:

We would recommend Barrk Marketing to anyone who is looking to create and build their brand awareness online, whether that is social media or websites.

They always go the extra mile with Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, and Value.

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Barrk testimonials


Business Partner:
Chris Fallows

Barrk Marketing was especially helpful in setting up all our professional social media accounts and provided excellent coaching to get started. We have also worked with them on various social media campaigns that have been very successful. They have great energy, great ideas and always make a plan to attend to tasks quickly.

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Barrk testimonials (1)


Brand Manager: BaoCare Baobab Skincare

Barrk Marketing has been a huge support in strategically helping us understand and get comfortable with social media marketing and brand awareness methods. Jessica is professional, helpful, insightful and extremely thorough in her work! Always there to answer your questions, offer solutions and guide you through all the phases.

Barrk Marketing Client Testimonials

Nathan Erasmus

Deputy Director: Connected Business, DEDAT

My sincere thanks for your very professional, flexible and very accommodating contribution to our #JumpforEntrepreneurs platform. Jessica and the Barrk Marketing team really went beyond what we’d expected you to do. Big Kudos!! With your attitude and creative talent, it will serve you well in the future.


Let’s connect with your target market on a real level and turn them from subscribers, to customers, to brand advocates. Get in touch with us to continue the conversation.

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    What Content Marketing Can Do For You

    Attract potential customers

    People are asking questions and looking for information online. We will tap into this search and provide relevant resources on topics that matter to your potential customers. This will draw them into engagement with your brand.

    Create more loyal customers

    When you engage people in meaningful communication and information it leads to more loyal customers. These customers trust you and want to hear from you. This has the potential of increasing sales.

    Strengthen your brand

    We will promote your brand by providing entertainment and information that is valued by your customers. This causes people to embrace your brand and respond positively.

    Utilize SEO techniques

    Google rewards business that consistently publish quality content. As you gain in popularity and relevancy online through our content marketing, your position on search results will rise. You will be seen nearer the top and this is good news for any business!

    Get published

    A well-crafted article can create waves amongst online publications. We know that the most successful press strategies focus on issues readers care about, not just products and services. We will craft and send press releases with the aim of scoring FREE publishings in reputable, online magazines.

    Become an industry expert

    Content marketing will help you position yourself and your business as an expert in your industry. It builds authority and credibility as well as creating a competitive edge. This, ultimately, saves marketing expenses further on as clients will start coming to you (as the expert) organically.