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Your Outsourced Marketing Department.

Meet Barrk

From Small Beginnings

At Barrk Marketing, we know what the secret sauce to growth is, because we’ve seen it work first-hand.

Barrk Marketing was founded in 2018 by Jessica (Barrella) Lötze, a passionate digital marketer with no entrepreneurial experience and only a handful of clients. However, Barrk Marketing thrived from day one with a rich and diverse portfolio of clients across multiple industries and countries, being expertly serviced by a passionate team who act as your Outsourced Marketing Department.

Our success is a product of a passion not just for digital marketing, but also for helping businesses and entrepreneurs thrive.


What YOU Get

With Barrk, you are not just a client, you are a partner. We are as invested in your success as you are.

In us, you'll find the expertise of a diverse marketing agency, but the personal touch of an in-house marketing manager.

Your account manager and digital team is hand-picked based on your industry and objectives. Your team will produce great work, great insights, and great results by diligently communicating with you and monitoring your strategy's progression.

Beyond that, you can rely on us to build a close relationship with you. We are warm, attentive, accommodating, and eager to collaborate with you. We want to be your trusted advisors and business partners.

Your Outsourced Marketing Department

We become your embedded marketing partner. Been there, got the t-shirts.

We believe that a real business partner not only shares your goals, but is as invested in them as you are. That a partner should feel like an internal division of your business and not simply an external resource.

A real partner fits in with your business, feels as if they are a person just down the hall, but has the ability to call on an entire department.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to understand your business objectives, convert these into marketing goals, and achieve these with great work, great insights, and great results.

We dive deep into your company so that we can understand the heart of it and reflect that brilliance accurately on all your digital channels.

We aim to embody your brand to effectively attract your best customers, provide them with value, build their trust on your behalf, and convert this audience into paying customers.

Keen to Work at Barrk?

We are a passionate, dynamic and growing team.

Send us your CV and let's chat!

Meet The Team of #Barrketeers

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Jessica Lötze

Managing Director  
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Anneri Louw

Outsourced Marketing Manager  

Josh Müller

Marketing Strategist  
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Jade Nel

Social Media & Content Manager  

Wanika Millard

Social Media & Content Manager  
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Morne Lötze

Head of Dev and Technology  

Colleen Barrella

Administrative Manager
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Lea Sheraton

Social Media and Content Manager  
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Zelda van Staden

Social Media and Content Manager  

We keep it real. We tell the truth. We do what's best for you and your business.

Barrk History

  • 2019 (2)

    Freelancing Beginings

    Jessica Lötze started out as a freelancer thinking she'd try out the freelance lifestyle for a few months - not realising the big demand for strong digital agencies in the market. 

  • 2019 (1)

    Barrk Marketing is Founded

    After only a few months of freelancing, Jessica had too many clients on her plate and decided to up her game. She registered the company and hired her first team member. Barrk was born!

  • Rapid Growth

    2019 was a year of rapid growth, which continued into 2020 until... the pandemic. 

  • 2019 (3)

    Maintenance Mode

    Although Barrk maintained most of its clients, the pandemic slowed trading and economic activity. Barrk went into maintenance mode with a focus on supporting clients with creative marketing solutions and even reducing our fees. 

  • 2019 (4)

    Doubled Team & Revenue

    Cut to 2022, and Barrk is soaring. In 2022, we doubled our team size and our revenue - wow!