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Barrk Marketing Client Testimonials

Martin Feinstein

Managing Director:
Traction Projects

The social media campaigns that Barrk managed were a critical part of the Jump project and helped us achieve our targets, while building a unique brand character and visibility for Jump. Barrk brought a fresh and professional attitude to the project, and we are especially grateful for the many user interactions and other activities that you undertook, which were not in the scope of work.

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Loucile Botma

Head of Marketing:

We would recommend Barrk Marketing to anyone who is looking to create and build their brand awareness online, whether that is social media or websites.

They always go the extra mile with Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, and Value.

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Jean Vermeulen

Head of Teacha! at Snapplify
Founder of Teacha!

Innovative agency providing excellent services. Definitely highly recommended.

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Barrk Marketing Client Testimonials

Nathan Erasmus

Deputy Director: Connected Business, DEDAT

My sincere thanks for your very professional, flexible and very accommodating contribution to our #JumpforEntrepreneurs platform Jessica and the Barrk Marketing team really went beyond what we’d expected you to do. Big Kudos!! With your attitude and creative talent, it will serve you well in the future.

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Barrk Marketing Client Testimonials

Daniel Greaves

Founder & CEO:

Jessica and the Barrk Marketing team have high standards, which makes it great to work with them to get things right. Jess tends to be thorough when working and thrives when there is a difficult problem to figure out. She is confident, insightful and enjoys a deep discussion to understand an issue properly. She is great at experimenting with multiple solutions to tackle a tough problem and can absorb information astonishingly fast. A true expert!

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Monique Fallows

Business Partner:
Chris Fallows

Barrk Marketing was especially helpful in setting up all our professional social media accounts and provided excellent coaching to get started. We have also worked with them on various social media campaigns that have been very successful. They have great energy, great ideas and always make a plan to attend to tasks quickly.

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Barrk Marketing Client Testimonials

Daniel L. Michell

F5 Solutions

Jessica takes the time to familiarise herself with a project's needs - therefore there was always a clear understanding, and smooth workflow when working with her. Barrk Marketing were always bringing new ideas to the table. It was a pleasure working with them.

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Chaleen Nienaber

Brand Manager:
BaoCare Baobab Skincare

Barrk Marketing has been a huge support in strategically helping us understand and get comfortable with social media marketing and brand awareness methods. Jessica is professional, helpful, insightful and extremely thorough in her work! Always there to answer your questions, offer solutions and guide you through all the phases.

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Mariska Coetzee

Yummy Mummy

She has done 3 websites for us, helps countless times with Facebook and website queries and I've always received the best service and work 🙂

Barrk Marketing Client Testimonials

Dot Marais Hardick

Ma'Belly Maternity

Jess is professional, very helpful and she has patience in abundance. I am so happy to have been referred to her and the Barrk team. Now at last "I get" Facebook and Instagram. I highly recommend Barrk Marketing and rate them 5 stars.

Barrk Marketing Client Testimonials

Jason Luboyera


Jess and her team guided my company strategically in understanding where to start when it comes to social media. I am a happy client and find Barrk Marketing's service offering affordable. Jess understands marketing and gives you results.

Barrk Marketing Client Testimonials

Ingrid Fiette

Country Manager:
Oribi Village

I really appreciate your hard work on Oribi Village. I really enjoyed working with you and I’m proud of what Oribi looks like in the media now. Great work! I happily recommend Barrk Marketing's work to anyone who will look for great social media gurus.

Barrk Marketing Client Testimonials

Juan Swart

Senior Associate Wealth Manager: Holborn Assets

Jessica's enthusiasm and joyful attitude is the first beam of light that you will see from the vast array of attributes that she brings to the table, from a solid level of professionalism to a clear and warm touch of sincerity. Jessica is eager to know her client and understanding their brands and making sure that it portrays the image exactly as they need. I would certainly recommend Jessica and Barrk Marketing for your professional social media, websites, and content needs!

Barrk Marketing Client Testimonials

Morne Lotze

Full-Stack Software Developer: Get Smarter

Jessica and the Barrk Marketing team are creative and outside the box thinkers. Jessica has helped me numerous times with great content, making it look like it's a walk in the park. She has a wonderful work ethic and believes in keeping clients happy above all else. I would definitely recommend Barrk Marketing if you need any Social Media Marketing or Content Creation. They will be able to help you out confidently and at a great price.

Barrk Marketing Client Testimonials

Koenraad Pretorius

Gwai Unlimited

Jessica Barrella, and her Team at Barrk have been instrumental for me! Marketing value received vs amount paid is brilliant. They have a long-term approach and client relationship is personal! They also grasp the big picture without any trouble, simplify the process and glide through the clutter!

Barrk Marketing Client Testimonials

Nanga Ntsume

Founder and Head of Growth: LunaDigital

Barrk Marketing is exceptional in the work they deliver for their clients. Always on time, with great attention to details on campaigns, and know exactly how to grow your brand. Jessica is an exceptional digital marketer. Her understanding of the platforms and execution of campaigns is extraordinary.

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