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What is Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) are the techniques you use to improve your position on search engine results pages. This means your website will be easier to find for people searching for your services or products.

Ten years ago SEO just meant stuffing your website copy full of keywords, but today’s search engine algorithms are much more refined and intelligent. Working your website up Google’s rankings has become a far more complicated task that requires an extensive knowledge of Google’s algorithms, website development and hosting, as well as user experience.

Our SEO experts (or Google Whisperers as we affectionately call them) are well versed in all things Search. Not only are they technical whizzes, but they understand the importance of user-experience as well - after all, people will be visiting your website, not just robots.

We’re also fully transparent. No smoke and mirrors at Barrk! We will present you with the findings of our audits and discuss with you the actions we’re going to take to improve your SEO. Once the work is done, we’ll run another audit to confirm the success of our efforts and present you with a report so you know exactly what we’ve done and the impact it has had.

Our SEO services aren’t just for your website. SEO is a crucial part of content marketing as well. Google loves fresh content so regularly uploading new blogs to your site will have a very positive impact on your SEO. Optimising those blogs with the necessary keyword research and implementation will have an even bigger impact.

Our Offering: We’re Google Whisperers

Our Process

  • Step 1 - Keyword strategy: Keywords aren’t the be all and end all of SEO anymore, but they still very much the building blocks of an effective SEO strategy. We will conduct target audience specific keyword research, assess how difficult it will be to rambo for those keywords and then advise how long we expect it will take to rank for those keywords.


  • Step 2 - Content Audit and Plan: The next step is to compile a review of your website content and highlight where it can be improved. We will then provide you with a prioritised set of recommendations on new content to be created based on competition and search features.


  • Step 3 - Onpage Plan: We will then tackle the onpage elements of your website. We’ll map new keywords to target pages (including new pages) and advise any changes to your website’s layout we think will improve its SEO. As part of this process we will also provide you with recommended SEO titles, tags and other onpage elements for key landing pages.
  • Step 4 - UX Plan: After establishing the baseline conversion rates on key pages we will compare the site against industry best practice and leading competitors. We’ll then conclude step 4 by conducting heat mapping and running screen recording software.


  • Step 5 - Pre and Post Launch Audits: Once a staged version of the website is ready for review, we will conduct a pre-launch technical SEO audit to advise on elements requiring optimisation. Then, after the website has been launched, we will conduct a post-launch SEO audit to ensure all SEO elements have been maintained. We will also provide additional research into more advanced challenges, such as slow page speeds, and provide options to resolve


Testimonials from our clients and partners. Read more here.

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Loucile Botma

Head of Marketing:

We would recommend Barrk Marketing to anyone who is looking to create and build their brand awareness online, whether that is social media or websites.

They always go the extra mile with Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, and Value.

View Case Study.

Barrk testimonials


Business Partner:
Chris Fallows

Barrk Marketing was especially helpful in setting up all our professional social media accounts and provided excellent coaching to get started. We have also worked with them on various social media campaigns that have been very successful. They have great energy, great ideas and always make a plan to attend to tasks quickly.

View Case Study.

Barrk testimonials (1)


Brand Manager: BaoCare Baobab Skincare

Barrk Marketing has been a huge support in strategically helping us understand and get comfortable with social media marketing and brand awareness methods. Jessica is professional, helpful, insightful and extremely thorough in her work! Always there to answer your questions, offer solutions and guide you through all the phases.

Barrk Marketing Client Testimonials

Nathan Erasmus

Deputy Director: Connected Business, DEDAT

My sincere thanks for your very professional, flexible and very accommodating contribution to our #JumpforEntrepreneurs platform. Jessica and the Barrk Marketing team really went beyond what we’d expected you to do. Big Kudos!! With your attitude and creative talent, it will serve you well in the future.


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    Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

    Boost your credibility

    Support your content marketing

    Gain a competitive advantage

    Increase your reach

    Improve your lead quality

    Maximise your PPC Campaigns