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We love what we do - and this shows in the standard of service and work we bring to the table.

Our website clients span multiple industries and are vastly different from each other. As a result, they all required unique design and functionality for their websites. Check out our top selection of websites below. These sites were designed and built end-to-end by the Barrk Marketing team.


Skroptoppie was the first website we built for our clients - and we are rather proud of it. They have a fully functioning eCommerce website with various delivery, coupon and gift card options.

Skroptoppie designs and makes patterned scrub tops that are practical and fashionable.

Yummy Mummy Lifestyle

Yummy Mummy Lifestyle provides products that support motherhood through every stage. We designed and built this stunning website and eCommerce shop for them - check it out.

Start Your Sales

StartYourSales is a sales consultancy firm. They came to us needing a corporate and clean website that not only showcased their services, but also qualified leads coming in via the website.

To respond to this need, we created a quiz that gamified the way in which site visitors fill in the website contact form and are qualified as leads. Check out the end results.

Barrk Marketing

We think our website is pretty cool, so we decied to include it in our portfolio list. This is the first website we created and it is in a continuous state of tweaks and improvements as we grow. Watch this space!


Let’s build a professional, functional website that will support your business growth and take you to new heights. Get in touch with us to continue the conversation.