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How to Start Your Side Hustle

How to start your side hustle - feature image

Ah, the side hustle. Ask any young person how many jobs they’re currently working and the answer will most likely be two to three – one full-time job and a couple of side gigs. It sounds like a lot of work (and it is), but we can easily see the appeal. You have security with…

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Now Is The Time To Put Your Business Online

Now is the time to put your business online - Feature image

If you’re still waiting for the right time to put your business online, you might just keep waiting until you don’t have a business left. Given the current global crisis there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding work and income. Right now, there’s a large portion of people waiting – waiting to see how the future…

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How to Build a Cohesive, Online Brand Presence

How to Build a Cohesive, Online Brand Presence - Feature image

The ability to be found online has never been more vital to businesses than it is today. These days it’s not enough to simply be online when your competitors are as well. SEO, PPC, and paid advertising are all strategies you can employ to increase brand awareness, but they won’t help you if your brand…

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How to Protect Your Business Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

How to protect your business in the midst of COVID-19 - feature image

A week after Ramaphosa announced the coronavirus outbreak in South Africa a National State of Disaster, the President announced a national lockdown for 21 days, starting from the 26th March. Schools and non-essential businesses are closed, travel restrictions are in place, and citizens are to stay home. Residents may only go outside for essentials like…

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How to Market During a Crisis

How to market during a crisis - feature image

During a crisis, and especially a global one, every person, every business and every brand is affected. People are dealing with fear and anxiety, and are therefore looking for support, information and connection. Marketing doesn’t need to stop but it does need a different action plan and especially, tone. We need to look for meaningful…

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Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign Tips

Valentine's Day Checklist - feature image

Special days are veritable gold mines for any business! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it offers a unique opportunity to spoil your audience and attract new customers. Love is in the air and people are ready to spend significant amounts of money on their love ones, whether they be people, animals or…

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5 New Year Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Business

5 New Year Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Business

Many businesses start to wind down between Christmas and New Year – those guys are missing out! The New Year is the perfect time to promote your business – here’s how. 5 New Year digital marketing ideas to promote your business Send a special New Year email Image via Madewell Sending your customers a special…

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5 Reasons to Partner with an SA Marketing Agency

Partner with a South African Marketing Agency

When you’re running a business, your time is a valuable commodity, and marketing your brand can take up plenty of your time. Many business owners don’t have the resources or specialised team members to manage their digital activities. The solution is to outsource your marketing to an agency – not just any marketing agency, though.…

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How to Create a Facebook Business Page

How to Create a Facebook Business Page - feature image

We all feel the buzz of social media wherever we go. People are totally engrossed with their phones – sharing, liking, posting, messaging… Basically, it all boils down to one word – COMMUNICATION. Your business needs to get in on the action and yes, you know that. You need a Facebook business page and you…

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