Taking Your Videos Live

Videos are highly impactful and useful marketing content. They continue to outshine images when used as the creative for posts and ads. That being said, livestreaming your videos straight to your viewers can give you that extra competitive edge most SA businesses haven’t taken advantage of yet. 

As a business, now is a great time to push out of your comfort zone and attract your audience with this innovative way of delivering content. 

What are the benefits of live video?

Although available on various social media platforms, live video is specifically popular on Instagram and Facebook.  

If you’re looking to gather a crowd, this is the perfect way to do it. This popular tool has proven to be a successful approach to reach your target market. This is because you are giving viewers a glimpse into your reality, and that makes them feel connected – something that everyone desires. 

Read below the 3 top reasons why we’re loving live video.

1. Personalise your users’ experience  

There is something to be said about a business that strives to connect on a more personal level. When a brand personalises their customer’s experience, engagement increases by 1200% – insane! On top of that, lead generation and consumer acquisition increase to around 80%.

Live video enables you to communicate with followers by sharing messages in the comment section of the stream. Creating a space where people can ask and answer questions, reassures customers that they can trust your business as there is a human connection. 

People want to see a face behind a brand. They are more likely to invest in a person than in a business. 

2. Captivate your audience 

These days, catching the attention of your audience is a challenge – never mind keeping their attention. 

The average person doesn’t spend much more than 37 seconds on a blog post. This is because newer generations have adapted to a society that is super fast paced. Our marketing strategies need to keep up with that rhythm. 

Videos are a lot more successful at stimulating the mind than an article or a blog, because you’re appealing to both the visual and auditory senses of your viewer. 

3. Create easy accessibility

People are more likely to watch content that they can access right then and there, than content that re-directs them to another site. Both Facebook and Instagram live videos pop up directly on the user’s feed. The platforms also let you save the video to your feed after you’ve stopped recording. This means that your followers can watch the video even after you were live.

Not only is this feature easy for your audience to use, but it is is also super convenient for you as a marketer or business owner. You don’t need more than a cell-phone and yourself. It’s also a cost-effective marketing strategy as very little prep work or resources are needed.

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to be willing to experiment with different methods of engagement. Don’t be left behind in the traditional ways of promoting brand awareness. People want authenticity. It shows a potential customer that they can trust your business. Embrace the rawness that comes with live-streaming – humanity is attractive to the consumer. 

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