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If there’s one thing an entrepreneur becomes good at, it’s DIYing their business and its digital marketing. We totally get it – small businesses have small budgets. We have put together a blog on some of our favourite tools, apps, and platforms for small businesses.

Tools and apps for DIY digital marketing


Email marketing tools

Mailchimp is currently our favourite email marketing tool. It offers hundreds of editable templates, audience segmentation, scheduling, reporting, and is easy to use with a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can create an account for free, which is great for small entrepreneurs. They also have features besides email marketing, such as website design (currently in beta).

Stripo is another great email marketing tool. It has very similar features to Mailchimp, although it does have more design options.

Social media schedulers

Do yourself a favour and start scheduling your social media posts – doing this will save you so much valuable time. There are many good schedulers out there! Many of these platforms have similar features, such as scheduling, automatic publishing, monitoring, and reporting. Sendible, Hootsuite, and Buffer all have these features, as well as different pricing plans to suite your needs and budget.

Later offers the same as the others mentioned above, but also includes a free account option, as well as a tool that allows you to drag and drop images to preview what your Instagram grid could look like. It also offers, which is a free tool that allows you to house all your Instagram links in one place, where they’ll be clickable and effectively drive traffic.

Link analytics apps

Bitly is a link management app that allows you to shorten, edit, and track your links, and it’s totally free! Another free app is MozBar, an SEO toolbar that provides instant keyword research, page analysis and link data from within the browser.

Graphic design

If you’ve stumbled upon one or two of our other blogs in the past, you might have picked up that we LOVE Canva. There are literally thousands of editable templates for various formats: social media posts, posters, CVs, web pages, presentations, the list goes on. You can upload your own images, fonts, and brand colours, or use the free options provided.

Piktochart is very much like Canva, but caters more to those wanting to create infographics, reports, charts, and graphs. It’s more specialised than Canva but offers more customisation options.

Stock images

Blegh, aren’t you tired of cheesy stock images that look like, well… stock images? Here are a few websites where you can find beautiful, professional images:

Spelling and grammar

There are two apps our copywriters can’t live without: Grammarly and Hemingway app.

Grammarly is an extension that offers on-page spelling and grammar corrections across the web, whether you’re working in a Google Doc or replying to a DM – Grammarly’s got you. Hemingway app is a platform that gives a more detailed analysis of your writing and even assigns your text a reading level.

We hope you find these time-saving apps and tools useful!

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