Time Management Tips and Tools for SMEs

There never seems to be enough hours in the day for business owners! Despite your jam-packed schedule, you need to make the time to market your business. Digital marketing supports and drives sales, and your business cannot grow and thrive without those sales.

Easier said than done, though! That’s why we’ve put together these helpful tips and tools to help you get the most out of every minute of your day.

How to market your business when you just don’t have the time

Reuse content

The idea of reusing content  has a bit of a bad rep, and understandably so. Now, we’re not suggesting that you send the exact same content out into the world for people to get bored of. But you can do the following:

  • Update old blogs instead of writing new ones
  • Use similar bits of copy across campaigns. For example, if you write a blog about a product launch, you can use a lot of the same copy in an email about the same product launch. This saves time and creates consistent messaging.
  • Reuse images and GIFs across marketing channels (blogs, social media posts, emails)

As long as you don’t spam the same content all the time, it’s perfectly okay to take advantage of existing content.

Use a password manager

Stop wasting time flipping through notebooks or emails to find logins! Our team uses the password manager LastPass and it saves SO much time. LastPass stores all your logins and will automatically insert them into any online application that requires you to sign in.

The only logins you DO need to keep safe are the ones for your LastPass account. Without those, you won’t have access to your other passwords.

Use templates

There are a lot of repetitive activities within marketing, so do yourself a favour by creating templates where possible, instead of doing similar tasks from scratch. For example:

  • Save and edit templates on Canva, instead of creating similar designs from scratch
  • If you use a standard set of hashtags for certain social media posts, save them somewhere so that you can simply copy and paste them, instead of typing them out each time

Automate tasks

Automating tasks is a breeze these days. You can schedule and automate your social media with tools like Sendible or Hootsuite. You can also create an email sequence so that certain emails are automatically sent after specific actions (we like to use Mailchimp).

Another idea is to set up automatic replies to DMs. These replies should answer FAQ to keep communication as short and helpful as possible.

The 3-minute rule of email

The 3-minute rule of email is this: if you can reply to an email within 3 minutes or less, then reply immediately. If your response to certain emails is going to take longer than that, then answer them during dedicated email time later. This ensures that you avoid multi-tasking, which is damaging to time management and focus.

Optimise your meetings

Unnecessary meetings can be a huge waste of time. Here are some ways you can gain that time back:

  • Conduct certain meetings via Skype or Zoom. This way you don’t waste time (or money) on travel and client lunches
  • Make sure the meeting has a clear objective and that everyone is on the same page. Email an agenda to everyone before the meeting to ensure you stay on track
  • Have a walking meeting. It’s easy to book the boardroom for 30 minutes, but some meetings can be wrapped up much faster. Walking or standing meetings encourage brevity and helps everyone focus on top-priority items. As a bonus, you get to move away from your desk and stretch your legs. Score!

We hope you put these time-saving tips and tools to good use! Until next time. 😊


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