The Do’s of Social Media Marketing

Countless selfies… A vent sesh about a family member… Pics from that night out you’d rather forget… Complaints about your boss…

We’ve all made bad posting decisions. When you are in any doubt on the appropriateness of a potential post, apply the golden rule: WWGT (what would Granny think)!

The Do’s of Social Media Marketing - the golden rule

This might make you laugh, but jokes aside, it is very important to follow proper online etiquette to maximize your effectiveness on social media. Here are a few tips to help you along.

1.     Be yourself

As obvious as this may sound there are many people who create an alternate persona online. Nooo! Being authentic goes a long way to building a loyal following who want to engage with you. People can spot a fake! Putting a face behind your brand makes it approachable, reachable, and something people can relate to. Also don’t be afraid to share your failures as this helps your customers to identify with you. We all make mistakes!

2.     Cultivate relationships

Nurture your existing relationships whilst building new ones. After all, isn’t that the reason you are on social media? Be real, be human. Don’t ignore your audience – cultivate a two-way conversation and have fun with it. Respond to and like their comments, answer those DMs, really engage with your audience. These strategies build lasting relationships which in turn converts to lasting customers. Build connections online just like you would in person.

3.     Prioritise your networks

You do not have to be on every single platform – just the ones used by your target market. For example, LinkedIn is best for B2B businesses, whereas Instagram is perfect if you’re targeting a younger, trendier audience.  Stick to the relevant platforms and focus on doing things well there. Choose the right content

Select the right content for the right network. For instance, you can have more fun on Facebook and Instagram, whereas LinkedIn is focused on a business tone. Entertain and inform your audience with videos, photos, articles, infographics, user generated content etc. The generally accepted guide is 80% relational content and only 20% hard selling.

4.     Set realistic expectations

It is important to realise that social media alone will not make your sales soar through the roof. Yes, it can build brand awareness and confidence but there are other factors that contribute to your brand being profitable e.g. the performance of your website and the quality of your products.

5.     Write with your readers in mind

Focus on making your content attractive to your audience and write in a way that is easy to understand. This does not necessarily mean you have to dumb down the content, but do simplify it. Avoid business jargon that your readers will not identify with and most importantly, use spell check. There’s nothing worse than a post that has spelling and grammar mistakes – this is a sure way to dent your credibility.

6.     Be visually appealing

Photos and videos are known to attract engagement. This can be anything from infographics and product images, to behind-the-scenes videos or even DIY videos. Canva is a great tool to use to create unique and engaging images. Gifs are also a great way to create humour and attract attention. So, use them to jazz up your posts and have fun.

7.     Separate business from personal

This may be obvious but what your favourite series is, photos of your son playing soccer, or your opinion of the Idols winner belong on your personal page and not your business profile. Your business page is all about your brand – so keep it that way.

8.     Share in stories

The news certainly gets people talking but make sure that you share news that is in some way relevant to your brand. This tactic can really boost engagement but bear these points in mind:

  • Do not share personal opinions unless you want to start an online war
  • Do not talk about politics – never, ever, ever…
  • Do not share tragedies

There are lots of positive stories out there. Find some that relate to your brand and start a conversation with your audience.

In Conclusion

Social media is essential for marketing your business. Stay on track by keeping your brand and its values in mind as you implement these tips. Get in on the game and you will boost your online presence and reap positive results.


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