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If you’re still waiting for the right time to put your business online, you might just keep waiting until you don’t have a business left.

Given the current global crisis there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding work and income. Right now, there’s a large portion of people waiting – waiting to see how the future will unfold before they decide how best to continue business as usual.

The thing is, many small businesses won’t survive this, which is why you must act now and make the best of the situation.

Now is definitely the time to go online

Generate income

This is one of the biggest reasons to get a website and grow your social media presence. Brick-and-mortar businesses are closed, and consumers continue to shop online, despite having to wait until lockdown is over for their goods to be delivered.

With an online store you don’t have to stop selling your products. You can receive some form of an income 24/7, from anywhere in the world – including your couch during lockdown.

Low start-up costs

Income is already tight, which is why we understand the apprehension towards spending money to get set up online right now. The good news is that the start-up costs are incredibly low. Building and maintaining an ecommerce website is inexpensive, and social media is free.

I don’t sell products – do I still need a website?

Absolutely! Like we said above, consumers are still shopping and buying, and this includes services. By being present on social media and having a website, you build brand awareness, trust, and gain competitive edge.

My service involves people – this doesn’t apply to me

Well, we’d like to tell you you’re wrong.  Thousands of businesses have had to reinvent themselves or change their offering to survive, and you can too. Let’s say you’re a chef. How does a website and social media account help you?

You could start a meal delivery service. Advertise your skills as a chef and start cooking tutorials on your social media account. From there users are led to your website, where they can purchase ready-made meals for delivery, or even the raw ingredients to prepare the dish themselves.

What about when the world goes back to normal?

Your target audience will still be online when this is all over, and you need to meet them where they’re at. Here are some other benefits:

  • Competitive edge. Most businesses were online before corona virus, and many more will be after.
  • Increased access. You’ve reopened your boutique? Wonderful, now you can generate sales in store and online.
  • It’s easier being found online. People search for products and services in the digital world before they look for them in the real world.
  • You’re prepared for the next crisis. It might not be another pandemic, but the next time you need to close up shop for a period of time you’ll still be able to generate some income.

As a small business ourselves, we understand what entrepreneurs are going through. That’s why we’ve created heavily discounted Online Set-Up Packages, so that you can finally get your business online or launch that side-hustle. Learn more here.

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