LinkedIn Trends 2019

2019 is the year to get with the programme and use LinkedIn to build your professional and business image. With more than 575 million members in 2018, of which 6.1 million are in South Africa, LinkedIn can claim the title of being the world’s largest professional networking platform. That’s a lot of potential engagement and lead generation to tap into. So, let’s look at some ways you can capitalise on what LinkedIn has to offer.

1.     Video, video… and did we mention video

Video content is everywhere and for very good reason – it captivates and engages. Over 70% of companies report that video converts better than any other content types. It’s the hot button that grabs attention and pauses scrolling. Our news feeds are inundated with information, so you have to stand out and video is a sure way of doing that. Here are a few tips to make knock-out videos:

  • Make the first second count

Depending on the industry or topic, often it is a good idea to start with a smiling person looking directly at the camera. This is instant contact, and people relate to people way better. Let’s face it, you would rather engage with

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  • Consider the video length

People do not have time to listen to someone drone on for 10 minutes, no matter how interesting we think we are 😊 Keep your video short, powerful and to the point. Follow these guides when it comes to length:

  1.    For brand awareness, videos should be less than 30 seconds.
  2.    For upper-funnel marketing, videos should be 30-90 seconds.
  3.    For brand or product stories, longer-form videos are best, but try not to exceed 2 minutes.

Make the first 10 seconds memorable and enough to keep your audience enthralled and wanting more! Studies have shown that just under half of your viewers will watch beyond the 10 second mark.

  • Tell a story

This is a biggie. Good story telling can ignite a strong, emotional response from your audience. Viewers will associate this emotion with your brand, making you unforgettable. Your business is filled with stories. When the characters are authentic, and the story is real, people relate to it and will remember it.

  • Use them on your company page

Company pages are a great place to share videos as they can be used to showcase your products, people, events, company culture and values, and much more. All this is great information that potential customers will find useful and that can even attract the right kind of people onto your staff.

2.     Use hashtags

Hashtags are extremely useful for making your content more visible, as well as increasing engagement. As LinkedIn is a more professional platform, keep them relevant and to a minimum.

Get creative and make up some unique hashtags that enhance your brand and resonate with your audience. Other ways to use your unique hashtags is to include them in your “About” page (in order to associate your business with certain services) or incorporate them in your comments.

3.     Tap into the social media reach of your employees

Every day your employees are talking about your company and no doubt sharing pictures of their work place and colleagues. With the right incentives and supplied content, they can turn into company advocates that increase your company’s authenticity and help to harness new leads. Your employees will want to know what’s in it for them, so make it good! Check out this link to find out how to launch an employee advocacy programme in your company and reap the benefits..

LinkedIn holds wonderful opportunities for you and your business. Get in on the action, mine its gold, and see your business flourish.

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