Instagram is constantly innovating to offer the finest tools for creators to unleash their creativity, connect with audiences, and find support on their platform. They’ve just rolled out some fantastic enhancements to Reels, along with fresh updates for feed photos, carousels, Stories, and new insights to elevate your understanding of your performance.

What’s New:

  • Edit videos swiftly with new tools like Undo/Redo, making it easier to tweak individual clips.
  • Create viral memes by incorporating audio clips into your Reels, thanks to Instagram’s new Media Clip hub.
  • Unleash your creative side with cool text upgrades, including fresh text-to-speech voices and trendy fonts and text styles.
  • Make your Reels & Stories pop by transforming parts of photos or videos into unique stickers.
  • Set the mood right with new photo filters, perfect for adding different vibes to your photos and carousels.
  • Gain deeper understanding of your performance with insights like Replays and a new Retention Chart.

Revolutionizing Reels Creation:

Instagram is testing features for scaling, cropping, and rotating individual clips right in the app. They’re also introducing handy undo and redo options for efficient editing. Plus, discover beloved tools like Voiceover more easily.

Get meme-creative by adding audio-enhanced clips from the clip hub to your Reel. Engage with your followers by diving into the world of memes and encouraging them to join the fun.

Text and Audio Enhancements:

Select from 10 new English text-to-speech voices, available in certain countries, and jazz up your text with six new fonts and styles in hundreds of languages. For clearer text visibility, you can also add outlines.

Finding the perfect audio for your Reel is getting easier, with new ways to access the audio browser or trending sounds.

text to speech & text outlines

Drafts Redesigned:

Editing in-progress Reels is now simpler with a revamped Drafts interface. Preview, rename, and even schedule your drafts in advance.

Get Creative with Custom Stickers:

Instagram is experimenting with the option to create custom stickers from your own photos and videos, or from eligible content on Instagram. This leverages their advanced Segment Anything AI model.

sticker anything

New Vibes in Posts:

Explore various moods for your posts with new photo filters. From subtle tweaks to expressive styles, these updates offer a range of aesthetics for your posts.

Posting has been simplified too. Access tools more easily from your Camera Roll with improved previews, zoom functionality, and search options.

Enhanced Insights for Better Control:

Understand how your Reels are performing with new metrics like “Replays”. The definition of “Plays” now includes both “Initial Plays” and “Replays”, potentially boosting your Reels’ play counts.

Soon, creators will be able to see viewer engagement in real-time with an interactive Retention Chart.

Supporting Creators:

Instagram is dedicated to developing more products to support creators’ growth and success. These updates are part of their ongoing commitment to the creator community.