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We all love Instagram! It is easy to use and gives us awesome images and videos that we sometimes want to share with our followers. And that’s the downside: they do not make it easy to regram.  If you want to repost someone’s else content it is going to take some effort.

Please note: According to Instagram’s Terms of Use you need to obtain permission from the relevant Instagram user before you may repost their content.

So, here are a few ways to repost on Instagram.

Use a Reposting App

Just as there is a solution to every problem so is there an app for everything!

1.  Download Repost for Instagram from your App or Play Store.

2.  Open your Instagram account and find the post you want to regram. Click on the three dots at the top right-hand side and select Copy Link.

How to Repost on Instagram - copy link

3.  Open the Repost for Instagram app and you will find the post you have just copied on the app’s homepage. Tap on the post.

This is where you can edit where you would like the repost icon to appear on Instagram. Once you’re done, hit Repost.

4.  On the following screen, select Copy to Instagram. You will then be directed to Instagramwhere you can add a filter or edit the image. If you would like to add the original copy, then tap on the caption field and click Paste. Alternatively, you can write your own copy. Finally, Share the post.

Use DownloadGram

DownloadGram is super easy to use and totally free. It is an online downloading tool, so no app is required.

1. Open your Instagram account and find the post you would like to share. Once again, click on the three dots on the right-hand side and select Copy Link.

2.  Paste the copied URL into DownloadGram. Tap Download and then Download Image.

3.  The image you are wanting to repost will pop up on your screen and you can select Save Image. The image is now saved to your camera roll.

4.  Return to your Instagram account and create your post as normal by finding the image on your phone, adding your caption and tapping Share. Don’t forget to credit the original poster.

Done and dusted!

Repost to Stories

Would you like to add an in-feed post in which someone has mentioned you, to your Stories? Well, here’s how to do that.

1.  Find the post you would like to share and click on the aeroplane icon under the image.

2.  Select Add Post to your story.

3.  The post will appear in edit mode. This is your opportunity to glam it up!

4.  Lastly, select Your Story to post it.

We hope that this guide has given you the confidence to repost all that valuable content you are receiving. Remember to ask permission first and give credit to the original poster.

Until next time….

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