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You know who you need to connect with, you just don’t know where. This conundrum is easily solved in the 21st century, though. Thanks to the internet explosion, we can bet your target audience is online – you just need to meet them there.

How to reach your target audience with digital marketing

Through social media

It’s highly likely that your target audience is on at least ONE social media platform (who isn’t in this day and age?). Social media is great for increasing brand awareness, credibility, and traffic to your website. To ensure that you’re reaching exactly who you want to, you should put some budget into your social media marketing strategy. It doesn’t have to be an excessive amount, but if you want to compete with other players in your market on social media, you’ll need to start somewhere (like with our Social Media Starter Kit).

With Facebook Ads Manager, you can create ads (with as little as R150) on Facebook and Instagram that will reach your specific target audience. You can also create ads on LinkedIn and Twitter, which means there’s no excuse not to reach your audience wherever they are!

With blogs

You can reach your audience with informative and helpful content that they will value. Having a blog, articles, or news page is a fantastic way to increase trust and awareness of your brand. You can also start a blog for free!

Not too sure what to write? Think about what your customers often ask or should know. Is there anything exciting happening in your company or industry? What sets you apart from your competitors? A blog should be informative, helpful, or entertaining, so make sure you’re providing your audience with content they look forward to.

By utilising SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is becoming increasingly important in the world of digital marketing. Most people look for products and services online, and Google is the most popular search engine. If you want your business to get noticed instead of your competitors, you need to be one of the highest search results on Google. There are a number of strategies you can implement to achieve this, like producing new content on a regular basis, using the correct keywords, backlinking your website, and so much more.

With email marketing

A newsletter is the perfect way to build a connection with your customers and reach your audience with the latest news or specials. Not only do you keep them informed of your latest offers (which will drive traffic to your website or store), but you can also build familiarity and loyalty. To do this properly your emails need to be personalised – as though they’re receiving an email from a person (not a brand) and it’s just for them. You can do this successfully and cost-effectively with our favourite email marketing tool MailChimp.

Using Google AdWords

Using Google AdWords will help you reach your target audience when they’re searching for your product or service – even if they haven’t heard of your business before! With Google AdWords you can pay to advertise your product, services, and content to online users within the Google network. There are plenty of online resources that can teach you how to manage AdWords yourself, but if you’re completely new to online advertising we’d recommend that you get someone to help you set it up, as AdWords can initially be confusing.

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