How to Merge Facebook Pages

If over the course of time you have managed to set up more than one Facebook page, never fear, for it is possible to merge the pages and clear up the confusion they are causing. Although the process to accomplish this is fairly easy, it can take some time. So, be prepared.

One is only able to merge two pages at one time, so if you have multiple pages to merge you will need to submit a merge request two at a time. Now, before you can merge the pages there are some things you need to take care of first.

What to take care of before submitting your Merge Pages request

1. You must be admin of both pages.

2. Ensure that the profile and header images are similar.

Your merge request will only be accepted if the pages show similarity. One way to do this, of course, is to make the profile images the same.

3. Check the “About Us” section.

The information in this section needs to be the same on both pages. You can just simply copy and paste these details from one page to the other.

4. Make sure the page names are similar.

Click on the Edit button next to Name in the About section of the page you want to merge, and Request for New Page Name will pop up. Change the name to be almost identical to the other page. For example, you can maybe just add a digit to the end of the name.

5. Tap Continue and then Request Change on the following page. The change of name can take up to 3 days but often it is completed much sooner. Once approved, you will need to wait an additional 7 days before you can submit your page merge request.

How to submit your Merge Facebook Pages request

Once the 7 days are up you may begin the process of requesting to merge 2 pages. Here are the easy steps to follow:

1. Go to

2. Choose the two pages you’d like to merge and click Continue.

3. Select the page you want to keep and tap Keep Page to continue.

4. Finally, tap on Request Merge.

Results of the Merge

Once you have merged the two pages there will be some things that will be different. Here are the most important changes to look out for:

  • The page that you keep will be unchanged except for the addition of all likes and check-ins from the other page.
  • Posts, photos, reviews, and ratings will be deleted from the merged page and do not appear on the new page.
  • The page that you don’t want will be deleted for good.

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