How to delete my Facebook account

What would our world be like without Facebook? Mmmm, maybe we will never know because it is established as the premier social networking channel. You can connect with anyone anywhere in the world in any language in a flash. It seems to have no barriers. It’s great for business whichever way you look at it.

However, there are some of us who just need some downtime from Facebook.

We hear you and have therefore put together this easy step-by-step guide for you to follow in order to disappear under the radar.

There are two options to consider:

  • Deactivate your account – this allows you a period to cool off, have a break and see what life is like without Facebook. By the way, you might actually be pleasantly surprised! Basically, your page disappears for as long as you choose. Friends can’t see you or even search for you. However, when you reactivate your account you will find everything as you left it.
  • Delete your account – this is more serious and there’s no going back. You will lose everything except messages sent through Facebook messenger. However, there is a grace period of a few days where if you have deleted your account and then log back in during this grace period, your deletion request can be cancelled.

So, choose which one suits you and follow our step-by-step guide. Here we go.

How to deactivate your Facebook account

If you want to cool off and not be a part of the Facebook scene for a while, then this is the option for you.

1. Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Click the account menu down arrow at the top right of your page and select Settings.

3. Choose General in the left column and Manage Account.

4. Select Deactivate Your Account at the bottom of the page.

5. Enter your Password, and Continue to confirm your request to deactivate your account.

Done! When you want to come out of hiding and Reactivate your account just log in to Facebook with your email and password and HELLO! you’re back.

How to delete your Facebook account

If you are set on deleting your account despite your friends’ best efforts to change your mind, go for it. But before you do, you may want to download your data that you have amassed since being on Facebook. Once you have done that proceed as follows:

1. Log in to your Facebook account and go to Settings as per point 2 above.

2. Select Your Facebook Information in the left column.

3. Click Delete Your Account and Information.

4. Select Delete My Account.

5. Enter your Password. Choose Continue.

6. The final step is Delete Account.

If after a few days, as long as it is less than 30 days, you wake up one morning and think “What have I done!!”, fear not, you can cancel your deletion request.

To do this merely log in to your Facebook account and select Cancel Deletion, and then heave a sigh of relief.

There you are peeps, done and dusted.

Until the next “How-To”…..

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