How to create a GIF

The GIF has become an essential part of communication in 2019. It expresses an emotion so well that words become redundant. GIFs are fun and jazz up anything you post on social media.

While there are lots of ready-made GIFs available to use it really is great fun and easy to make your own. You can use your own images and video content or something from YouTube or Vimeo or some other source.

We are going to use GIPHY. It is a great resource for finding a GIF to use or creating your own and it’s all free.

Let’s get started!

Create a GIF using your own images

GIPHY’s GIF Maker is very easy to use. Follow our step-by-step instructions and pretty soon you’ll have your very own GIF to use.

1. Open GIF Maker in

2. Choose photo or gif and then select the saved images you would like to use to make a GIF slideshow.

3. Select the duration you would like each image to be displayed.

4. You can now choose to decorate your GIF by adding stickers, filters or text.

5. Finally, upload your newly made GIF to Giphy and you’re done. Congratulations! Your GIF is ready to be used in your social media posts.

Create a GIF using a video

This can be done either by using one of your own saved videos or selecting a video from YouTube or Vimeo. Here are the steps to follow.

1. Open GIF Maker in and choose either:

  • Choose video if you intend using one of your own saved videos.
  • Add any URL – if you are using a YouTube or Vimeo video. In this case, you will need to find the video you want to use, copy the link and then paste it into the GIF Maker.

2. At this point you are able to trim your video. This means that by using the sliders you are able to pinpoint the section of the video you want to use and choose its length.

3. Continue to decorate and upload your GIF.

Create a GIF on your mobile phone

We tend to not go anywhere without our phones. We can just whip it out and BAM 💥 we’re armed and ready to record that never-to-be-repeated, so-glad-I-didn’t-miss-it moment.

Creating a GIF on your phone is made super easy by using an app like GIPHY Cam. Here we go.

1. Download GIPHY Cam from your app store and launch the app. Now there are two options:

  • Tap the photo button to take a series of quick photos.
  • Hold the photo button down to capture a longer GIF.

2. Decorate your GIF with stickers, text or a filter.

3. Save your GIF and it is ready for you to share with your friends.

So, there you have it. GIFs are fun, engaging and easy to make. Go ahead and experiment with making your own and you will see that you can be a GIF making pro!

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