Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Set-Up

New to Instagram? This article will help you to easily set up an account from scratch. Creating an account may seem pretty straight forward, but there are many hidden functions that could make all the difference to the effectiveness of your marketing. 

Choose your perfect profile match

Do your research before deciding on an account type. The features on the different accounts are set up to cater for your specific needs. Let’s go over the account types to make sure you aren’t missing out on any useful details.

1. Personal account 

The simple structure of a personal account is designed to accommodate your basic social media needs. If you just want to connect with people, have fun, and share your “grammable” photos, this is the one from you. 

This profile allows you to keep your posts private and control who follows you. It’s perfectly suited for the person who wants a space to engage with friends and family, but isn’t too interested in the formalities of growing a following. 

2. Business account 

The features behind this account are ideal for effective brand management and marketing

On top of being a platform that allows customers to directly contact you with a touch of a profile button, here you also have the benefit of being able to access Instagram Insights.

Insights is the analytics tool that keeps track of data such as user engagement and profile visits. You also have information on your follower demographics, for example, the average gender and age range of your viewers. This will enable you to review the account’s performance, and improve on your marketing strategy where it seems necessary. Up your game by using the business account to create advertisements that will drive people to your profile. 

If your aim is to portray professionalism and establishment, this would be the ideal account option for you. 

3. Creator account 

This account was specifically made at the beginning of 2019 to separate the influencer from the business profile. 

Instagram recommends that the Creator account is “best for public figures, content producers, artists, and influencers”.

Where previously you would have to use an external app to see your follow/unfollow data, the Creator account gives you access to all that information within the app. This gives you the opportunity to track your growth with up to 3 months’ worth of information. 

If you find sifting through your direct messages on Instagram has become an overwhelming task, there’s more reason you might want to consider using this account. The Creator profile has the most advanced DM filtering set-up. It manages your messages for you, separating and prioritising those coming in from brands, people with a high following, or your friends. 

For an influencer needing more than the traditional Business account, the Creator account is the perfect fit. 

Oops! You chose the wrong account type?

Have you just realised that the account format you are set up with now is not the one that benefits you most? 

Don’t worry! We’re happy to tell you that you did not make an unchangeable commitment. You are easily able to switch your account in ‘settings’. 

Link your Facebook account 

This easy setting should not be overlooked. It has the potential to deliver significant results.

Linking your Facebook account to your Instagram account enables you to reach a larger audience, spreading across two platforms. You’re able to share the same content to both platforms by posting to just one. This means you can reach your followers in two different places, creating more awareness of your brand.

On top of this, when you link Facebook to Instagram, you can use Creator Studio for Instagram. This is a space that lets you manage posts, view more detailed insights and monitor your content from both platforms, in one place.  

This simple step can save you time, effort, and help you to better control your platforms. Super convenient!

Instagram has proven to be highly valuable for professional use, making it possible to manage marketing with ease. Get to know all the benefits Instagram has to offer your profession – this will take your digital marketing strategy to the next level.   

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