Email Marketing Trends 2019

As we said in a previous post, email marketing is alive and kicking. It continues to be a hugely beneficial and productive marketing channel as it delivers. What does it deliver? Engagement, ROI and ultimately loyal customers.

Email marketing cannot and should not be ignored but, yes there is a but 😊, we need to take note of it’s evolution and keep up with the times. There’s no longer this shotgun approach of marketing with the hope something good will come of it. That approach will definitely get your email deleted or worse, in the spam box and you will not see the returns for your effort.

So, let’s take a look at some email marketing trends for 2019 that you should be implementing in order for your email campaigns to succeed.

Personalised Content

This is way up there and we’re not just talking about using a person’s name in the greeting or subject line, although this is good. Personalisation is all about reaching the person and not just the inbox. It’s about targeting an email campaign to reach the right people at the right time with the right information. For example: an online cosmetics company knows a particular customer purchases the same shade of foundation every 4 months. They know this because they have her purchase history. So, when they know she’s about to run out of foundation, they send her an email with a 35% off discount on her exact shade of foundation. And boom, you have reeled in a returning customer!

With the plethora of data that is able to be collected about your subscribers there is in fact no excuse to not personalise an email. All this information will help you deliver emails that are relevant to your subscribers’ interests, location, gender and much more.

Personalisation builds relationship with your customers and this builds trust. They feel valued and this strengthened bond will help boost sales and conversions. Put the effort in and you will reap the rewards.

Interactive Content

Let’s face it, it’s tough to get noticed in an overcrowded inbox. Wouldn’t it be great if your audience looked forward to receiving your emails and looked out for them? This is where interactive content becomes your best friend. It is a great way to add the fun factor to your emails. It grabs attention and engages your subscribers within the email and will help increase your open and click rate. When your audience is engaged, they are more likely to click through to your website.

Interactive content can include gifs, memes, quizzes, questions, polls and even games. With this kind of content your subscribers will look forward to receiving your emails.

Quality Content

Gone are the days when the goal was to get as many emails out to as many people as possible. This approach compromises content and makes it less valuable to each consumer. Email marketing today needs to be targeted to meet the specific needs of your audience and one way to accomplish this is through email segmentation.

Email segmentation is the process of dividing up your subscriber list into smaller chunks according to specific criteria. These criteria can include location, interests, product preference, gender, purchase history and so on. Undertake this type of email marketing and it will help boost conversions significantly and drive those sales up.


What we have been talking about is delivering data-driven email campaigns. Emails that have had some considerable thought put into them as regards who you are wanting to target and what you want to say to them specifically. Do your homework, accumulate and analyse the data. Then use it to craft an email marketing strategy that will delight your audience and reach your profit goals. Go for it!

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