Pre-send Email Checklist

Typos, incorrect grammar, CTAs that don’t go anywhere, bad links – YIKES!! These will be enough to dent your reputation and drive away customers. We definitely do not want to see this happening and that is why we decided to create this pre-send email marketing checklist for you.

Our checklist will help ensure that your email marketing campaigns run smoothly, and you avoid that pre-send fear that you have forgotten something really important. 😉

So, avoid making common email marketing mistakes by using our checklist and enjoy the benefits of successful campaigns.

Email marketing is super important to any business for many reasons. Since the Internet is a global phenomenon you are able to connect with people all over the world with ease. Email marketing is relatively easy and very cost effective whilst delivering a punch. You are able to adapt each campaign to suit varying needs and target markets which makes it a very effective method of reaching customers, both loyal and potential. This is a tried and tested marketing tool which can reap great results for you providing it is well run.

We hope your email campaigns are knock outs!

Pre-send Email Checklist

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