Brand Personalisation Part 2

We can all agree that a brand’s reputation is very important. But have you ever considered that revealing the genuine face or faces behind your brand can have a huge impact? Humanising your brand makes it more approachable, reachable and something consumers can relate to.

Personalising your brand is not about what you look like but who you are. It’s about conveying your values. It’s becoming human like your consumers. This connects you with your audience and it’s precisely this that will help you increase engagement and boost income.

How does a human face help you create that connection?

  • Create identity – the simple truth is that people will connect far better with other people than with impersonal logos. We can identify with other people and their ways.
  • Create recognition – people remember faces more than names.
  • Create trust – consumers trust other people more than they do companies. When you convey likable human traits and qualities, respected values and someone they can relate to, you build trust. Trust turns consumers into loyal customers.

Five ways to put a face behind your brand on social media

Social media is where everyone is. Here are 5 simple ways to humanise your brand:

  1. Use your name – Putting a real name to posts, tweets etc. shows your audience that it is not an automated response. This makes you relatable. If you have a team, make sure each one uses their name.
  2. Add faces – you can add team photos or share behind-the-scenes shots. This gives your brand personality and keeps people interested.
  3. Put the spotlight on your employees – Show the people that are working behind the brand. Share their stories and what they do.
  4. Acknowledge problems and mistakes – Humanising your brand involves demonstrating human qualities and remaining transparent. We all make mistakes and owning up to them creates trust.
  5. Work with social media influencers – Influencers are real people who can be very useful in putting a face to your brand. These people are trusted. Choose one that aligns with your values and believes in your brand.


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