Apps to Help You Win at Instagram

Instagram is far past the point of being a must-have in the marketing world. With over 1 billion active users on the app,  featuring business-friendly tools that are constantly being improved, it’s no wonder companies are thriving on the platform. 

With so many businesses fighting for the limelight, you may be wondering how on earth your brand could successfully stand out from the Instagram crowd. Well, more often than not, brands with big followings have gone beyond Instagram’s in-app features, and made use of external apps to help their growth. 

So, what are some of the tools that could help you grow?

While  brands will benefit more from some apps than others- depending on their respective needs – here are a couple of handy, staple  programs  to keep in your toolbelt:


If you need a little help with content ideas, this desktop and mobile app has great reviews for its success in helping Instagram growth. Crowdfire connects to your account and uses your topic suggestions, as well as its algorithm, to curate articles and images that are relevant to your followers. 

The popular app also features scheduling and reporting capabilities, which is super convenient for businesses. Crowdfire is free, but does give you the option to upgrade to a paid plan with more features.  


Canva is a design, video, collage, and logo maker program, and it’s an absolute must-have on the Barrk team. 

Although there is a paid premium option, the free software comes with a  wide variety of design tools that let you create images and videos for all your online needs – you’ll have images, graphics, text, music and video at your fingertips. The versatile graphic design app also comes with 60,000 free templates to choose from (WOWZA), which makes it suitable for anybody, even if you aren’t a design expert. 


This app is amongst the top Instagram video editing software. It’s popular for its user friendly, but advanced features that give you the ability to:

  • trim, split, merge and crop
  • adjust lighting and colour
  • add music
  • alter speed
  • and add text and stickers to video clips.

If PC editing is too high maintenance for you, but you still want professional video editing, then Inshot for mobile is a great space to do that. 

The app is free, and has in-app purchasing options for those looking for top-notch quality.

Display Purposes

Instagram generates around 95 million photos and videos on its platform each day, so you want to make it as easy as possible for possible customers to find your content. Using hashtags on your posts will help you get content to your target market; increasing engagement and attracting the attention of potential followers. 

Display Purposes helps you find popular hashtags that best suit your posts. By typing in a few hashtags relating to your post, it generates a list of suggested hashtags and filters out any spammy ones. 


Later is the #1 visual social marketing platform for businesses. The marketing platform allows you to visually plan, schedule, and manage your social media posts across not only Instagram, but also Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The free plan gives you access to a large range of tools and analytics. by Later is a tool that we use on our own Instagram page. The feature gives you the option to add links to your Instagram posts, making it easier for you to drive traffic from your account to other online content. To do this, you would send your followers to the link in your bio- this takes them to a landing page that resembles your Instagram feed. Clicking on a post there will drive them to the specific URL you’ve linked it to – totally handy!


Sendible is a paid program, but we have found it well worth the cost! 

The software allows you to easily manage your social media pages across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. If you’re wanting to post, schedule, and monitor your accounts from one place, Sendible could be your perfect match. We have found its analytic tools to be one of the most beneficial features for monitoring account data month to month. 

Instagram success is an investment. If you want to see those numbers grow, you might have to let some money go. However, if you’re not ready to make any commitments, these tools have some brilliant start-up features to get the ball rolling, and get your business noticed!

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