For B2B businesses, LinkedIn is core for networking, building thought leadership, and, ultimately, increasing sales. These actionable tips will enhance your profile and make a great first impression. Let’s get started.

First and foremost, your intro section – the most valuable section of your profile. Make sure you have a professional, warm profile picture and a cover picture that works on both desktop and mobile. Add an eye-catching headline. Don’t sell yourself short and consider including emojis to emphasize your point visually. Also, LinkedIn recently added a feature that allows us to add a website to our intro. Be sure to add that in. 

Secondly, LinkedIn has the option to customise your profile URL. This makes you easier to find and boosts credibility. We advise including your name, surname, and company name. 

Thirdly, turn creator mode. This relatively new feature will amplify your content and help you reach more people. It also gives you additional features, like improved analytics on your readership, profile hashtags that pull through to your intro section, and creator tools like LinkedIn Lives, and Newsletters. 

Fourthly, make good use of your featured section to convey your brand and offering to prospective clients. You can highlight select posts and add links to external websites, images, or documents. Showcasing the right content will set your profile apart and leave a strong impression with your network.

Lastly, add your birthday to your profile. LinkedIn will then alert your network to your birthday and encourage them to send a birthday message. This opens up one-on-one conversations and is a great way to rekindle business relationships. Don’t worry; you only have to add the date and month. No one will know how old you are!

And there you have it, some actionable tips to optimise your LinkedIn profile. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to making a great first impression on LinkedIn.