We’re sure you’ve seen 2021 Marketing Trends headlines everywhere, so we thought we’d go off the beaten path with this one. You know Stories are taking over all social media platforms, you know you need to get creative with your advertising, and you definitely know that you need to use video more.

So today we’re sharing 3 useful strategies that we’ll be using in 2021 that you may not have heard of yet.

3 social media trends for 2021

1. Visual brand storytelling

It’s time to give your business’s Instagram profile a makeover, because in 2021 it’s as important as your website.

More than ever, prospective consumers are using Instagram to search for brands, products, and services rather than Google. One of the best ways to capture the attention of these users is through visual brand storytelling.

With visual storytelling you have a higher opportunity to convert visitors into followers, and followers into customers. The key is to ensure that all aspects of your profile tell a clear and consistent story about your business. Aspects to consider include:

  • Profile picture
  • Bio description
  • Story highlight covers and titles
  • The top 9 – 12 posts, as this is what viewers will see first.

2. The non-trend: appeal to socially conscious consumerism

Social media users are more woke than ever. Gen Z actively seeks out conversations surrounding social issues like mental health, body positivity, equality, climate change, and more. In the same fashion, they seek out brands that share the same views, and give a wide berth to those which don’t.

Discussions around these topics will continue in 2021, especially on social media. This is why brands need to regularly engage in conversation regarding the issues that affect their audiences the most, and actively make a positive social impact.

Now, we don’t want to call being socially conscious a trend, because your business’s values shouldn’t be performative. You have to be genuine in this regard.

3. SEO for Instagram

Yup, you read that header correctly. Many of the SEO techniques you use for your website and blog writing can be applied to your Instagram, which can increase your discoverability. 

How is this possible?

In mid-November, Instagram announced that users can search for content and brands using keywords, not just hashtags. The function is currently being tested in the US, UK, Ireland, and Canada.

Previously, if you wanted to find “snake plants,” you’d only be able to search for posts that are tagged #snakeplants, or accounts with variations of “snake plants” in their name or bio. With this new update, however, Instagram will allow users to search with keywords. This means that posts which feature snake plants, for example, should appear in your search even if the tag is missing.

To use this update to increase your discoverability, you’ll need to optimise your account with the right keywords. Include them in your:

  • Name and username
  • Profile bio
  • Post captions
  • Alt text

We hope these 3 tidbits will help you add that oomph that you need to elevate your social media marketing. Happy New Year!

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