Email marketing is not dead! Today we are blasting through our top 10 email marketing tips to up your email marketing game.

Your email campaigns need to not only stand out in cluttered inboxes but also drive engagement and conversions. It’s not just about sending messages; it’s about crafting experiences that resonate with your audience. 

Here are our best ten actionable tips to improve your email marketing.

  1. Prioritise a successful open rate – Crafting compelling subject lines and strategically timing your sends can impact your open rates. 
  2. Think mobile responsive – Use a tool like Mailchimp’s “Inbox Preview” to see what your emails will look like in subscribers’ inboxes on both desktop and mobile.
  3. Remember that perfect timing matters – While sending your email midweek during work hours is generally advised, we recommend testing various times to see which time performs best. 
  4. Apply the power of personalisation – A human touch can do wonders in building loyalty and engagement. People trust people.
  5. Make the most of multi-channel sign-up opportunities – From blog posts, to chatbot interactions, use all opportunities to collect new email contacts and build that community. 
  6. Bid farewell to no-reply addresses – Not only do these come off as cold, but they can also ensure your email ends up in your recipients’ spam folders. 
  7. Keep it short and sweet – Keep your emails concise, using links to lead readers to more in-depth content.
  8. Optimise for scannability – Using headers, subheaders, and bullet points will guide your reader’s eye, improving readability and ensuring that your message actually gets across.
  9. Lead with value – Grab your reader’s attention by placing the most valuable information right at the top of your mail. 
  10. Maximise your footer’s potential – Make the most of the space by adding personalisation, expressing your brand’s mission, or leading readers to additional avenues for connecting.

I hope these tips will take your mailers to the next level. As usual, pop a comment below if you have any questions.